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hagrid, xenylamine

November 2008



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Nov. 25th, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine


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Oct. 1st, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

well. i decided that since i can't switch back to a basic account i'd just use one of the old lj names i made and never used




add me pls.
hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

dear lj friends,

if you happen to chance upon the hideous state my livejournal is currently in, know that i am working on fixing it and that it is SUPPOSED to be pretty. see: http://nables.livejournal.com

thank you for your time.

Sep. 30th, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

i am going to post a poem as an example of what is in mine and edward's book.

i wrote this poem.

it is titled..

old ladies.

or something.

the old women at work are so cute,
though there can be an occasional brute,
on the whole, you'll never want to shoot,
these sweet ladies buying their fruit.

for example, one lady was paying,
and she left my line, distressed, saying,
"i forgot to get brats, silly me,"
ten minutes later, back was she.

another old woman one time,
she was buying a half-eaten lime,
not really i'm making that up,
but wouldn't that just fill your cup?

by: kaitlyn kinkles garr.
hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

i am going to download the harry potter books on tape so i can listen to them as i sleep as i once did.

too bad it is going to take too long for me to listen to them tonight. because of this, i am crying.

Sep. 28th, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

i want to become a master livejournal layout maker.

unfortunately i forgot everything i once knew about it.

eddie and i made a book. and we self-published it on lulu.com. and it should be coming in the mail next week and i am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!11111111111 YEAH!!!!!!!111111

it's not like we're trying to sell it or anything so don't judge us. it is for private use only!!!

frankie's got a girlfriend now. it's so weird. they talk on the phone all night and stuff. HE'S IN EIGHTH GRADE NOW. AND HE ASKED HER OUT. IT'S SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!11

my mommy's dog.Collapse )

i don't know what else. but i'm going to bed now since i have to work at 7 in the morning. WHICH I HATE DOING. GOD!!!!!!!!!1

oh well.

Sep. 25th, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)



Sep. 23rd, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

today, edward had me convinced that my dad sold me to him for $450.

obviously i didn't believe him at first, but he just kept insisting and insisting until i just started questioning whether it could really be true. he was so SERIOUS, and i said i was going to ask my dad about it and he seemed genuinely concerned, all "no, kaity, don't, i promised i wouldn't tell you."

BUT IT WAS ALL A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

it seemed so real though because i was trying to guess how much he paid for me and i was like "$100." and eddie said "higher." and i said "500." and he said "lower." so it seemed like he already knew the price and everything like it was TRUE but it wasn't so shut up i'm sorry i'm stupid.

eddie bought this book called haunted by chuck palahniuk and there is this fucking gross story about a guy who used the sucking filter thing in the bottom of a swimming pool to masturbate. because he'd sit on it and it'd suck his butt and feel good. and one day he was doing it and he orgasmed (which, by the way, after he did it he always swam around and collected the globs of sperm so that his sister wouldn't get pregnant from them) and he tried to swim up because he was running out of air, but he couldn't because he was stuck. so he kicked off and he noticed this "snake" was clamped on to his butthole. and he said the snake was chalky white and veiny and it was bleeding.

and he said as he more closely observed the snake, he noticed that it had corn in it and peas and a big yellow pill like the ones horses take. then he realized that HE had taken that pill and realized that the filter had just sucked his intestine out of him. but he was running out of air so he had to just swim up and have even MORE of it pull out so he could breathe. but it wouldn't budge so he just chewed off his nasty shit-filled intestine. and swam out and then he just had to explain himself to his parents.

his sister went swimming in the pool afterwards and got pregnant.

it's not a true story, but good lord almighty is it disgusting.

hotdog.Collapse )

not really we didn't buy it or anything. but that might be it.

OHHHHHHH. taylor, edward and i decided that for the harry potter premiere, instead of dressing up as characters we are going to buy M&M suits, stuff them with pillows so we are round, spray paint them the appropriate colors and go as the quidditch balls. well, taylor would be a broomstick. but i would be the quaffle and edward would be the snitch and ... TESSA AND ZACH!?!??! would be the bludgers. we were also thinking someone could wear a hula hoop on their head and be a goal post but i think that might obstruct somebody else's view of the movie.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!1

anyway, i am going to take a shit and i expect a multitude of comments when i return.


Sep. 21st, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

more pixCollapse )

so anyway. here are some of my fave wedding dresses. but. HOW DO YOU GUYS FEEL ABOUT A WEDDING DRESS THAT HAS COLOR IN IT? i will show two that i like.

wedding pixCollapse )

Sep. 20th, 2008

hagrid, xenylamine

(no subject)

yesterday, brisingr came out, and book world was having a party at 11pm, but edward had to work, so i thought i'd go with taylor.

so we didn't go until like 11:50 because we didn't want to be the first ones there and really we just wanted to get the book and leave, and taylor got all dressed up thinking she'd meet the nerd of her dreams, and we got there and just.


with taylor and i, there were 8 people total.

it was SO SAD. the whole bookstore was decorated, the cashiers were dressed up and there was a full pan of brownies, two full two liters of soda, a full bowl of chips and a full plate of cookies. three of the people were under the age of 12, and it was just so embarrassing. i was mortified.

and there was a trivia quiz to fill out so i filled one out, confident in my knowledge of the series.

so then, after the cashiers DOUBLE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE IT WAS MIDNIGHT, like there was a HUGE LONG LINE and a HUGE COUNTDOWN IN ANTICIPATION, they started selling the books. so i got up there and was like "what do i do with this quiz?" and she said "well, we can give you the answer key if you want to see if you got the questions right, but there's no prize..."

WHAT?????????///////// i filled out that quiz for NOTHING. NOTHING!!!!!!

and then someone asked them how long they were going to stay open and they said "until about 1:30 if people keep coming."


it was so sad and pathetic and humiliating. good thing i was third in line so i could get out of there fast!

in other news, eddie is so high maintenance and it takes him like 2 hours to get out of bed and i get SO FRUSTRATED and i want to pull his hair out and he's like "rub my back" so i rub his back and he's like "rub my hair" so i rub his hair and he's like "rub my ENTIRE BODY" so i do it and the cycle just repeats itself everyday where he won't get up until his entire body has been rubbed and everyday he says "you never rub me" and I DO IT EVERY DAY, AHH!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

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